Farm Sanctuary

At Farm Sanctuary, Anna and Maybelle’s lives are going to be all about play, exploration, and joy. That’s because at Farm Sanctuary, we know that pigs are amazing beings with unique personalities to share.

Since 1986, we’ve rescued thousands of animals just like Anna and Maybelle from the factory farming industry. We operate shelters in upstate New York, northern California, and Southern California (just outside of Los Angeles), where these animals can live safe and happy lives. Most recently, we are partnering with Tracey and Jon Stewart on a new sanctuary in New Jersey, not far from NYC. That’s where Anna and Maybelle live!

Through sanctuary tours, conferences, and public awareness campaigns, we educate millions of people about the conditions animals face on factory farms and inspire them to create a more compassionate world.

Rescue: Where do they come from?

Many people have never really thought about where their meat, dairy, or eggs come from.  When given the chance to meet amazing rescued animals and hear their stories, however, the cruelty of factory farming comes into focus.  The truth is, animals on factory farms are treated very poorly. Anna and Maybelle were lucky to narrowly escape a life of cruelty. Because on factory farms, pigs:

  • Are denied fresh air, sun, wholesome food, room to move, and the freedom to exhibit their natural behaviors;
  • Often spend their lives in crates so small they can barely move or turn around;
  • Routinely have their tails cut off without pain relief;
  • And are slaughtered at just a fraction of their lifespan, when they’re just six months old.

Sadly, millions of pigs like Anna and Mabelle endure this treatment every day.

Our Mission

Farm Sanctuary is committed to protecting animals from cruelty, inspiring change in the way society views and treats farm animals, and promoting compassionate living. 

To learn more about Farm Sanctuary’s work, or for information about visiting, please visit