The Animals


Soulful Anna

Anna’s big brown eyes hold so much warmth. She’ll lie watching you tinker around in her stall and you truly feel like you’re being appreciated. She is playful, alert and very funny.
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Love Me Maybelle

Maybelle would like you to rub her belly. If you didn’t know that, she’ll give you a gentle nudge to remind you. She’s the perfect partner for an afternoon snooze. Sweet, sweet, sweet is what she is.
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Dana’s Got Spunk

Dana has spunk and sass. She is always ready for fun and can always be found rallying the troops for playtime.
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Hope Is For Cuddles

Hope is the licker of the bunch. She’ll go right up and rest her little head on your shoulders and then plant a big fat kiss on you.
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Arthur and Wilbur the Cuddlebuddies

It’s hard to think of Wilbur and not think of Arthur and vice versa. What’s funny about this is that these boys weren’t exactly nice to one another when they were first introduced. Fortunately for us, the faint of heart, they quickly worked it out and now these boys are as thick as thieves. Every morning when we go to wake them up they are cuddling together in the same little sleeping pod despite there being several pods to choose from. Like Anna and Maybelle, they love their belly rubs.


Zen Levi

Levi steals everyone’s heart. He is polite, shy, calm and gentle. He will very gingerly paw at you to ask for a rub or hug. He is a fainting goat and we sometimes wonder if he had to train himself to be so zen in order to deal with his condition. He loves to be read to.
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Avery’s Got Game

Avery is always game to jump on someone’s back if they dare to hunch over for more than a couple seconds. He can make a game or toy out of anything. His head- butting skills may qualify him for The World Cup.
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Harper Holds Her Own

Harper packs a wallop into a small package. She doesn’t let anyone push her around. She is playful and adorable. She frequently checks in with her human friends when playing with others. When you walk into the barn in the morning she’s the first face you’ll see waiting at the window.
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Romy The Goat (shhh don’t tell him he’s a sheep)

Romy is a charmer. He is so sweet and has the biggest, brownest eyes and longest eyelashes. Romy was originally raised with Levi the Goat and to this day, even having seen other sheep, he still insists he is a goat. He leaps lithely like his goat friends while encased in his round, wooly body. He’s a delight. He also sheds so he’s a favorite of the “pickers” at the farm.
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barry re resize

Barry the Love

Tracey calls Barry her “love of loves”. Barry needed to be isolated from the herd for an extended period of time so the Stewart family had to step in to be his foster herd and so their bond is especially strong. Barry is gentle, trusting, inquisitive and an all around good guy!
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Babygirl Eliza

You will never find someone as trusting or as kind, says Angelica Skylar. Eliza is as sweet as she is beautiful. She is super-friendly. She was bottle-fed as a baby so she always runs to greet but you but when she finds you’re not packing goat’s milk she’s off to find her adopted brothers again.Read Eliza's full story.


Pugsley the Sweetest Boy

There isn’t anyone that meets Pugsley for the first time that doesn’t instantly fall in love. Pugsley is a master at completely cuddling himself under his faux fur blanket and has been known to startle many when, completely hidden underneath his covers, he complains about his nap being interrupted. Pugsley loves lying in the sun, ear cleanings, and belly rubs.


Lebron (Lil’ Bron Bron)

A loving, calm, fuzzy, sweet little mini whose heart is so big it’s hard to believe it can fit into such a tiny horse body.

Sneakers Edited

Sneakers the Happy Retiree

Sneakers is our senior statesman. He is calm, stoic and such an incredibly good, good boy. Sneakers is 30 years young and still loves rolling in the grass, running, and playing.


Ally the Constant Companion

Ally is our little shy girl. We always make sure she has her buddy, Anita close by. With her friend by her side she is calm, gentle and happy.

Anita Edited

Anita the Protector

Anita is a horse angel that walks the earth. She is sweet, smart, gentle, and calm. She is Ally’s rock. She is adored.


Nate and Bob

Twins Nate and Bob like to stick together. Bob takes the role of big brother and Nate adores Bob.These gentlemen might have the most unique baaahs you’ve ever heard…unless you’ve heard two young lambs who baaah like Walter Matthau. UPDATE: Nate and Bob are now living at Farm Sanctuary in upstate NY.
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Bean the Ambassador

Bean is our baby on the farm. He came to us with a crazy tuft of hair and a personality not dissimilar from that of a a puppy. He loves his new home! He’s turned into a calm, fuzzy, sweet little lover of a boy. UPDATE: Bean had been going on play dates at our friend's farm who has 2 rescued youthful minis. The 3 minis got along so well that we decided they all needed to stay together. So Bean is now happy at his new adopted home with his 2 new best friends!