Kids’ Corner

There are so many ways to have fun while letting kindness be your inspiration. Kid’s Corner is for kids and kids at heart. You’ll find fun crafts and activities that help you learn about and celebrate the marvels of animals. You may even get inspired to use some of what you’ve learned to raise money or awareness in your own community. 

Reusing Our Plastic: Self-Watering Herb Garden This project is an easy answer to a windowsill herb garden. Herb gardens like a lot of sunshine, with the combination of sun and slightly lean soil causing the oils, the fragrance and the flavor of the herbs to intensify.

Schoolyard Farming: The HSPS Youth Farm Last week, we had the pleasure of spending our morning at bk farmyards’ HSPS Youth Farm – a local community farm built within the walls of a public high school in the heart of Brooklyn. Stretching across one acre of land and nestled in the midst of a congested city neighborhood, from the moment we walked through the gates and among the crops we felt an instant connection to the earth, despite being surrounded by city high-rises.

Reusing Our Plastic: Vertical Hanging Garden The vertical garden is a great way to utilize hanging space and conserve water at the same time. All garden pots need holes poked through the bottom for drainage.

MAKE IT! FARM TREAT POUCH My love of animals enhances every aspect of my life. As a parent, my reverence for animals plays a big part in how I raise my kids. Luckily, they are just as intensely in love with animals as I am.

MAKE IT! SUPERTRYER PLACEMAT Asking your children to try new foods – especially fruits and vegetables – can be difficult. We think that the simple act of trying is as an accomplishment in itself. Our Supertryer Placemat is the perfect way to encourage your little ones to try new foods and to mark down their tasting accomplishments.