Tracey’s Stew

In Tracey’s Stew I’ll be sharing the adventures of what happens to an animal lover (that would be me) who holds the belief that anything is possible and that change can happen in the world when we as individuals live by our beliefs and let kindness be our inspiration.  Let’s just say that sometimes things get crazy, other times you end up with more animals than you planned and every day you wake up ready to start all over again.

“Love and understanding, love and understanding,” I repeat over and over again in my head. I’m preparing myself to practice what I preach this Thanksgiving. Here are my five tried and true tips for a happy and harmonious Thanksgiving, no matter who you share the table with (a.k.a. Five Steps To Keep You From Crawling … Read More

Relationships can be complicated, and animal relationships are no different. Evaluating compatibility among our animal friends is not as easy as one might think. Personality, activity level, and special needs are all taken into consideration — and even when it seems like a match on paper, only time will tell and you need to have … Read More

October 2 is World Farm Animals Day (though around here, that’s every day)! To celebrate, The Daily Squeal crew demonstrates five actions you can take today to help farm animals. 1. Give some love to a rescued animal If you can tour a sanctuary in person, be sure to plan a visit and give out … Read More

Lots of you have been asking about mini horse Lil’ Bron, and we are excited to give an update! You may remember that we presented our spectacular rescued mini horse back in February. He had just been rescued from a woman who claimed to be an animal rescuer= and said she was adopting Lil’ Bron … Read More

Do you have a friend that always has your back? If you’re Levi and Avery goats, not only do you have a friend that always has your back but occasionally they’ll even stand on it. Meeting as motherless babies, Avery and Levi became fast friends and now are family. Over the last year they have … Read More

New Jersey Farm Update Right now all the members of The Daily Squeal are living it up at our family farm and eagerly awaiting our move to our new location in Colts Neck, NJ. Our Daily Squeal gang has a wonderful fan club of super-funny, talented, and sweet folks. It will be incredible when everyone … Read More

Caring for The Daily Squeal gang is a full-time job and we’re lucky to have a team of compassionate, skilled, hardworking Farm Sanctuary caregivers on our team. Jill Tedeschi is one of those amazing caregivers. As shelter manager of the New Jersey farm, she ensures that Anna, Maybelle and their friends all stay happy, safe, … Read More

It’s summertime! What kid doesn’t love the idea of a new playground in their backyard? The Daily Squeal friends are no exception. Goats and sheep alike are LOVING their new playground and we are having so much fun watching them jump and climb about. Huge thanks to Paulson Brothers Construction in Colts Neck for building … Read More

Farmer Bobby Laurino is hard at work growing a feast of food and a bounty of beautiful flowers at our New Jersey farm. Chefs Gail Doherty and Tiffany Betts of Good Karma Café, one of our favorite plant-based restaurants, shared some recipe ideas to put some of it together in the yummiest of ways. We … Read More

It all started innocently enough. You just went to the store for tractor parts when suddenly you are confronted by a crate of baby ducklings for sale. Oh my! They are terribly cute, fairly inexpensive and the salesperson is quite convincing on how easy it will be to care for them. Surely your child would … Read More