Farmer Bobby Laurino is hard at work growing a feast of food and a bounty of beautiful flowers at our New Jersey farm. Chefs Gail Doherty and Tiffany Betts of Good Karma Café, one of our favorite plant-based restaurants, shared some recipe ideas to put some of it together in the yummiest of ways. We are so excited for this growing season and looking forward to enjoying all the fresh food from the farm. Here’s the latest update from Bobby, with recipes to follow.

Hi guys,

Just a quick update, as our fields are starting to look really nice.

We are planted up to about 90%. Today we planted over 1,500 peppers and 1,000 tomatoes. Our “veggie list” includes peppers, tomatoes, green & yellow squash, beets, carrots, kale, cucumbers, pickles, eggplant, many herbs, and the list goes on. We just started cutting the lettuces, swiss chard, and parsley, and it’s some of the nicest we’ve grown in a long time. The red romaine is not only beautiful but absolutely makes the most delicious salad.

I am very excited in that I am putting in 200 raspberry bushes and 100 blackberries. We should be picking by next year. We used to have them at our old farm and my dad really loved them so I can’t wait to see how they turn out.

Be sure to visit us! We are growing some great veggies and I want to make sure your family’s cupboard is loaded.

Take care,

“Dad’s 1948 International is a bit rusty, but does not miss a beat.”

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