We’re looking back at an amazing first year and rounding up the top 10 firsts for our girls, Anna and Maybelle.

July 9, 2015 was the day Anna & Maybelle were rescued from the roadside and the trajectory of their lives changed drastically. Had they not fallen off that truck that day, they would not be here today. We are eternally grateful for that miracle. Since their rescue, Anna and Maybelle have changed the hearts and minds of so many. They’ve shown the world that pigs are smart, they’re adventurous, they’re brave, they’re friendly, they’re inspirational and they love to have a good time!

1. First Act of Kindness

Anna and Maybelle fell off a transport truck on their way to a finishing plant and were rescued by a good-samaritan who patiently tracked them for 2 days to get them to safety.

2. Love at First Sight

The stars aligned that day in July when Anna and Maybelle arrived at Farm Sanctuary in Watkins Glen at the same time our family was arriving for a visit.

3. First Celebrity Convert to Non-Meat Eater

“It’s hard to eat them when you know their names.”

4. First Pumpkin Demolition

5. First Belly Rubs

Fight the power and then give in!

6. First Visit from Santa

7. First Snow

Let’s just say they were excited!


8. First Roommates

You couldn’t hope for better roommates than Avery, Harper, Dana, Hope, Levi and Romy.

9. First Soak

Some see a drinking trough---others see an infinity pool.


10. First Time Making Time’s 100 Most Influential Animals of the Year

They were very happy that their friend Frank the Bull now Steer made the list as well.

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