Caring for The Daily Squeal gang is a full-time job and we’re lucky to have a team of compassionate, skilled, hardworking Farm Sanctuary caregivers on our team. Jill Tedeschi is one of those amazing caregivers. As shelter manager of the New Jersey farm, she ensures that Anna, Maybelle and their friends all stay happy, safe, and healthy. Curious how she ended up here? Here’s the story of how Jill got started with Farm Sanctuary.

Meet Jill

After visiting Farm Sanctuary, many people are inspired to carry the good they experience into their everyday lives, in honor of the animals who call our shelters home. And some, inspired by our rescued residents’ tales of triumph over adversity, see the level of love, care, and recognition they receive at Farm Sanctuary and want to extend it themselves to other animals in need. Such was the case with Shelter Manager Jill Tedeschi, who first visited our New York Shelter in 2009 with the hope of interning and potentially starting a sanctuary of her own someday.

“Visiting the property, meeting the animals, and witnessing Farm Sanctuary’s animal advocacy firsthand cemented my desire to pursue this line of work,” Jill recalls.

In 2011, Jill took the first step in making this dream a reality by participating in Farm Sanctuary’s internship program, spending the next three months learning all she could from National Shelter Director Susie Coston. About halfway through the internship, Jill applied and was hired for a full-time position in Watkins Glen, N.Y., and officially started as a staff member that December. Jill’s journey with Farm Sanctuary has since led her to Hockhockson farm in New Jersey, where she cares for Anna, Maybelle, and the rest of The Daily Squeal gang. In fact, many of the images you see on our Facebook and Instagram pages were captured by her!

Jill not only possesses incredible love for and knowledge about every animal she works with, but she also serves as a shining example of care and compassion to the various people she works with as well. Jill’s work has brought her to the sites of many Farm Sanctuary rescues, and these experiences often involve interaction with others who hold very different views about our relationships with farm animals. Still, Jill always meets these differences with respect, recognizing the importance of meeting people where they are on their own journeys, and understanding that when we treat people with compassion – even when we strongly disagree with them – we can change hearts and minds to improve conditions for farm animals everywhere.

Jill is an incredible asset to the Farm Sanctuary team, creating a loving, welcome environment for each and every animal and human. Whether she’s helping to introduce the world to animals like Frank steer – highlighting how farm animals just like him are someone, not something – or providing gentle, individualized care to a frightened newcomer, Jill is a hero for farm animals everywhere.

“My life has become increasingly more enriched since working at Farm Sanctuary,” Jill explains. “I am so proud to care for the animal ambassadors for the billions of farmed animals killed for food each year.” And we are just as proud to have Jill on our team, as we work to create a more compassionate world for all.

Note: Many of you have asked about employment opportunities at our New Jersey farm. A fantastic place to get your foot in the (barn) door to becoming a caregiver is by interning at one of Farm Sanctuary’s locations. Apply here!