Our beloved pig sisters Anna and Maybelle aren’t the only inseparable siblings in the Squeal family. Sheep brothers, Nate and Bob, and goat twins, Hope and Dana, also show us that special sibling bond every day.

Nate and Bob


Sweet sheep brothers, Nate and Bob, were being raised by backyard butchers to meet demand for “local humane meat.” When a woman visited the farm to purchase goats, she noticed the two lambs huddled in a corner. Their mother had died, and the owner of the farm believed they weren’t worth the money it would cost to get them on their feet. He handed the lambs over to the woman who called upon Farm Sanctuary to take them in.

These brothers always have each other’s backs. Bob is the more sensitive of the two but still often steps in to protect Nate as the bigger, older brother. They comfort one another and stick by each other’s side, frequently nuzzling and resting head to head.

Hope and Dana


Twins Hope and Dana have been inseparable since their arrival. Also rescued from a backyard butcher operation, it is uncertain what happened to their mother. Hope and Dana survived by having each other.

Dana is the braver of the two. She’s assertive, spunky, and always ready for fun. Her twin Hope is gentle and sweet. She’ll come right over to you for a back scratch and nuzzle. They spend every waking moment together, best friends to the end.