Lots of you have been asking about mini horse Lil’ Bron, and we are excited to give an update!

You may remember that we presented our spectacular rescued mini horse back in February. He had just been rescued from a woman who claimed to be an animal rescuer= and said she was adopting Lil’ Bron out because her grown children no longer had time to spend with him. He was said to be in good health and just in need of some attention. So we were shocked and horrified when we arrived to pick up Lil’ Bron and found him lying in a muddy field in so much pain that it took three people to get him on his feet-and even after standing, it was very difficult for him to walk. The so-called rescuer told us that the horse had foundered in the past was fine now- but it was clear to us that he was currently foundering again and in very bad shape. We immediately rushed him to the hospital as he had a fever and was suffering greatly. The fantastic staff at Mid-Atlantic Equine Center went to work quickly, making him comfortable. Lil’ Bron was suffering from fever and pain from severe laminitis, an inflammation of the sensitive layers of tissue inside the hoof. He also had an ulcer and his teeth were sharp, making it very difficult for him to eat. He was in quite a fragile state.

With the good care of his doctors, Lil’ Bron got strong enough to come home but he still had a lot of hurdles ahead of him. His teeth were filed down, his ulcer treated, his legs wrapped with ice as needed and his hooves X-rayed and trimmed accordingly. His diet was transitioned to safe starch and soaked hay to remove the sugar. Sugar found in grass and hay can be lethal to mini horses, so he now only gets very limited access to grass on walks (mainly only when he sneaks a nibble). Lil’ Bron’s paddock was made into a dry lot for this reason.

Sweet Lil’ Bron has been a part of our family for 8 months now, and to say that he looks nothing like the horse we found back in February is an understatement best demonstrated by our farrier’s reaction to him the other day. Our farrier has been attending to Lil’ Bron’s hooves since he arrived at our farm. It has been a slow and careful process. We were telling him the story of Lil’ Bron’s past when he froze for a second and then said, “I can’t believe this. I know this horse from before. I had seen him at his last home and was kicked off the property when I questioned his care. I truly can’t believe this is the same horse.”

Nowadays, Lil’ Bron is a whole new man. His hooves are in great shape and he is frequently seen leaping around. His health has improved so far beyond what any of us expected. We recently adopted a friend for him and look forward to sharing the introduction with all of you soon.

Lil' Bron goes on daily walks on soft ground for approximately 20 minutes per day to keep his weight down, his muscles strong, and his mind stimulated. We've been walking behind the farm to this stream for more than 3 months, and Lil' Bron has been terrified to dip his feet in. We've been wanting him to, since the cool water would provide further relief for his laminitic feet. Last week, he's took the plunge -and now there's no looking back!