October 2 is World Farm Animals Day (though around here, that’s every day)! To celebrate, The Daily Squeal crew demonstrates five actions you can take today to help farm animals.

1. Give some love to a rescued animal

If you can tour a sanctuary in person, be sure to plan a visit and give out plenty of belly rubs. If that is not possible, consider making a donation or volunteering.

2. Learn about animal issues

Read about factory farming on Farmsanctuary.org, pick up a book about farm animal issues, or watch an animal-themed documentary. levi-3

3. Share a vegan meal

One of the most powerful actions you can take to help farm animals is to choose plant-based foods. Check our a few of these farm fresh recipes.

4. Choose cruelty-free fashion

The production of materials like wool, leather, and down causes great suffering to farm animals. Instead, seek cruelty-free alternatives. For inspiration, Eliza strikes a pose in her cruelty-free winter coat!

5. Post your favorite animal videos and photos!

Share a photo or video from The Daily Squeal Facebook Page and let everyone on your friends list experience how incredible, unique, and fascinating farm animals are.