maggie's corner

Hi, I’m Maggie! Some of you might know me as Eliza the lamb’s surrogate mom! Here is the story of my animal love!

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It all started with Barkly my first dog.

Maggie's Corner 1

We adopted him from The Humane Society Of New York when I was two years old! I loved Barkly ever since we adopted him. I would not leave him alone, which, looking back, may have not have been his favorite.

Then it was the farm animals and photography

I love being woken up in the morning with a new call about a goat on the highway or a cow that is loose in brooklyn ! I also love going outside and seeing Anna and Maybelle or any of the other animals! I recently got (stole from my brother) a camera. Which sparked a passion for photography which has really come in handy for the Squeal. I love taking pictures of them and the other animals at home. All of the pictures for this story were taken by me!

Helping The Animals Do What They Like

I love helping our dog Scout with her favorite thing jumping.

Maggie's Corner 2

With the animals on the farm, I enjoy being Pugsley’s bean keeper which means going and giving him beans. This is the best thing in the world because it brings him out of his shell!

Maggie's Corner- 3

For more of Maggie’s adventures follow her on @thelilsqueal.